Bring positive knowledge into your life…



Enhance your life

Do you ever get the feeling that there’s more to this existence than the physical world around you?  Are you ready to discover that higher aspect of your self?


Red Roses

Boost self-esteem

Do you find it difficult to enjoy being you…or are you frustrated with where you are in life?  Why not add a positive dimension to your life and connect with your spirit!


Majestic Forest

Make positive changes

For many of us, it’s hard to know where to start to make changes in life.  There are so many things to consider and the process can be overwhelming. You can overcome the uncertainty of change and start making strong strides toward your positive future!


Increase your energyEnergetic Wave

Even though you’re optimizing all options at the physical level, doyou still feel drained?  Feel more refreshed and energized by eliminating the higher-level sources that diminish your energy!



Amplify motivation                                                                         DeConsciousnessspite your best efforts, it can sometimes seem impossible to maintain your interest and desire to start and complete a project.  Learn to use higher-level   techniques to effectively accomplish your goals!


Reduce stressGentle Waterful

Not everyone can rely on traditional methods of relieving stress, because a great deal of stress and anxiety originates from higher-level sources.  Find out how to dissipate what’s preventing you from relaxing and enjoying your life!


Rays of Sunlight

Solutions to difficult problems

No matter how hard you try, do you have a problem that doesn’t seem to have a solution?  Is persistent negativity interfering with your happiness?  End the negative cycle and take back your life! 


Spiritual sensitivityGirl Listening

Do you sense the presence of spirits or think that a spirit is trying to communicate with you?  Learn to properly deal with the spiritual sensitivity that opens you to negative interference.


Bright LightStart working with your spirit

Discover how to connect positively with your spirit so that you can work together to enhance your life and progress spiritually.

A positive spirit will generate energy and spark clarity in your life!




12 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hey how are you?
    My name is Sanjay and I wanted to know if there was a way you could help me with something.

    For awhile now I feel like something has been playing games with me, spirit or something of that nature.

    I feel like I had superimposed myself throughout about a year and a half time span and it’s still a but there, though weakening. Not really sure what to do, but I wanted to know if there was someway that I could get it to stop sooner.

    It’s been a tough year for me, and I have had practice with certain things like calling upon my master guides, guardian angel, oracle cards , mediumism with beings such as Quan Yin (taught to me by Colette Chase), pnedulum, and other techniques.

    I was a practitioner do Himalayan tantra under a master , though I completely believe him to be a crooked old man who only thought of himself while trying to cover up his true inteions by saying “my intentions are pure” and things like to inspire you to progress, etc. he tried to play God in my life (as out by Colette chases’s colleague Shirley and Razza) and I’m sick of it.

    I really wana know if there is a way to contact spirit more easily and get this gunk off of me so that I can be away from Girish Jha (crooked “guru”) and just be able to live.

    I’m an indigo child and When I was younger I had been through hell 10x over in my view, though thankfully not ever and not ever to be as bad as others I know, for what I had been through, I’m done with the crap that I’ve been through with him and done.

    Any chance you can offer some advice, not sure if you charge for this kind of a thing or not…

    Thank you!!!


    1. Hi Sanjay,
      There is definitely a much better way to “get this gunk off” so that you can live peacefully within yourself. For many years I’ve been helping people who have been through difficult spiritual circumstances such as yours.
      What you’ve been involved with during the past year is only adding to your problems, so I suggest that you stop those practices immediately.
      I would be pleased to work with you, Sanjay. You can request a healing at
      My email address is on that page, if you would like more information about working with me.
      All the best!

  2. Wow, the Happy New Year post for this year has left a positive impact (on me & my family…) YOur messages are so inspiring I am gently goaded on to read the additional array of suggestions. Much love, S.Y.


    1. Hello Mike,
      Thanks for your comment. Your sensitivity has caused you to open your higher-level hearing, so that you’re now receiving information that has no positive purpose. I highly recommend that you refuse to listen. Although spirits might seem rather engaging, please try a positive approach and refuse them immediately! Try it…you might be surprised!

  4. Hello, Ever since I was a child I have been harboring negative energies.My father God rest his soul was a military man from WWII.I am the youngest of nine siblings.He raised all of us with 1950s idealism and values even though I wasn’t born until 1975.So to say the least he wasn’t interested in our opinions or ideas. And he did not spare the rod so to speak.i guess I have carried this negative influence throughout my life. I got married young at 18 had two children but then my husband became abusive toward me.but I just accepted his behavior and experienced all levels of abuse over a 20 yr span. Then one morning I woke up and realized I had, had enough. We argued he left.days and weeks went by and then the inevitable happened he committed suicide in front of my children. To let all this negativity go and move on,not only for myself but for my children has been a challenge. It has been 4 years since this tragedy I have since married my best friend and found out what true love is.My children have developed some coping mechanisms to deal with their pain and moved on into their adult lives.I am now searching for my greater purpose.I feel a connection to my creator.but to mention I’m also a sensitive and every night around 1am to 3am I sense a prescence. I no longer live in the same area or house where my husband died. So my question is can spirits follow you or am I dealing with something else.And how do I know the difference?

    1. Hi Kerrie,
      You’ve struggled through so much in your life! Your resilience is so impressive! Unfortunately, such difficult life circumstances can attract spirits with negative intentions. To answer your question: spirits know no boundaries and can travel unhindered through time and space. The spirits you’re dealing with have made a negative connection with you, and only through working with your spirit will you learn the difference between vibrations and how to react properly.

      My expertise lies in severing such connections, removing the offending spirits and helping you to learn to deal in a positive way with your sensitivity, so that you can gain strength at the higher level. If you’d like some help to get started working positively at the spiritual level, please contact me by email.

      Thank you for your comment… I greatly appreciate the sharing of your story and hope I’ve given you some idea of how to move forward in a positive way.

  5. I am in need of help please. I have looked for so long but no one has sadly heloed me. I have been attacked by demons my whole life sadly. I can see, hear and feel them as well. Though I see things constantly which I do not know what they are as well. May you please help me or give me any kind of advice. Its a long story with everything though I hope by tell it I can find closure. Thank you soooo much.

  6. Gloria, you wrote the following about three years ago (dated Feb. 20th) —> “Thank you for your feedback on my post. I truly admire your extraordinary strength and resilience in having the courage to revisit those events and reconcile within yourself! As a survivor of abuse, you should never feel ashamed…” A color sketch has been made for you: would like to send it to a Canada address. Other information will be sent to Yahoo.com acc’t (if you have protected it.) Bye for now. Am not quite yet going the “Twitter.” We will connect again.

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